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The Dating Scene is broken.

But God can fix it - quickly!

Let's do it His way.

What We Do

Christian Singles Connecting Over Ice Cream
Connect Christian Singles Quickly

We connect busy Christian singles looking for meaningful relationships that put God first, always.

Christian Singles Dating Event At Night With Sparklers By
Produce Events That Make A Difference

We set the scene, so you can safely step outside of your comfort zone, and easily meet new people.

Christian Singles Unite at a Summer Event by
Unite the Christian Community

We invite the Christian community to unite & show God’s love to the world. We are stronger together. 

Why Christian SPEED Events?

Christian SPEED Events vs. Online Dating

You quickly connect with the right people

Couple of Christian Singles on a Date
  • You have face-to-face conversations with real people who share your values
  • You meet local Christians actively seeking a monogamous relationship
  • You save time and money: Meet several singles within a few hours for less than what you'd pay during one regular date
  • Attendees include a wide variety of men and women from different churches, denominations, and backgrounds
  • It's a straightforward and quick process: No more guessing if he or she is really into you
  • You're more likely to "meet someone" when you actually meet more people
  • It's a fun experience in a safe and respectful environment
  • Participants must prove their identity by presenting a government issued photo ID to enter the event
  • You access new personal & professional networks within your local community
  • It's organized by people who apply the Golden Rule

Online dating isn't the most effective way to meet people

Christian Single Trying Online Dating
  • Brief or endless chatting that goes nowhere
  • Misleading profiles and fake accounts
  • Expensive and time-consuming: The cost of online subscription fees, and lots of first dates can add up over time
  • It's hard to tell if you really click with each other at first
  • Requires significant screen time, leading to online fatigue
  • You receive unsolicited skin pics, rude messages, requests for cash and private information
  • It can feel like you're shopping for temporary company instead of seeking a life partner
  • Hooking-up, ghosting, and bailing at the last minute is considered normal
  • An online profile doesn't show you how someone treats other people in public or in private
  • Online dating can be addictive, and make you feel isolated
  • It can lead you to become overly judgmental, and easily dismiss potential partners


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Our events are designed for monogamous, busy, legally *single Christians looking for meaningful relationships that put God first. We serve different age groups, with ages ranging from 21 to 45 years old. Events are usually presented in English, but multilingual guests are always welcome.

* You are legally single if you have never been married, or you are divorced or widowed. Our events are not for separated or married people.

Pray. Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). 

Relax, and be yourself. 

Be confident, and positive. Let the world see your lovely smile. 

Wear something comfortable, and appropriate for the venue. 

Be kind, and open to others. You may not match up with every person you meet, but they might be right for a friend of yours, or you may want to connect with them professionally, or as a friend or mentor. 

It’s ok to feel a bit uncomfortable or shy at first. Not everyone is an extrovert. Keep in mind that everyone is here to meet new people, and develop better relationships.

Be proactive and introduce yourself to others, rather than waiting for others to speak to you first.

You will have the opportunity to mingle and network with several Christian singles. The number of attendees can vary based on demand, and the capacity of each venue. Generally, attendance can range from 25 to 100+ guests.

Invite your friends to come along, so there will be more opportunities to connect.

After you register for the event via Eventbrite, you’ll receive an invite via email to download a free networking app for the event, and create your profile. Once this has been completed, your full name will appear on the event guest list in the mobile app. The event is pass-code protected. 

Also, when you check-in at the event registration desk, the Host will ask you to write your first name on your name tag. 

You’ll have the opportunity to network with local Christian singles, and hear from diverse speakers.

During a social networking event you will decide if, and how you would like to connect further with each person you speak with. To indicate how you would like to connect after the event, simply find the name of a person in the app’s guest list, then send a direct message including one, some, or all of these words: date, friend, network, mentor, or matchmaker.

  1. Date = Let’s go on a date.
  2. Friend = Let’s be friends.
  3. Network = Let’s connect professionally (via LinkedIn, for example).
  4. Mentor = Let’s develop a mentor-mentee relationship.
  5. Matchmaker = Let me introduce you to a friend of mine. 

This way, your interests will be clear from the start. You are welcome to send additional messages as well.
Keep in mind that you don’t have to connect with everyone you speak with. If you’re not interested in connecting, don’t send a message.

Guests use the networking app during the event to: search for guests by name, message guests, send a private message to the event host, share preferred contact info, get key event details, learn more about guest speakers and sponsors, etc.

Here’s our typical event schedule:

– 2:30 pm: Check-in at the registration table. Please bring your photo ID & ticket with you to get a name badge from the Host. 

2:30 pm to 3 pm: You are free to network and mingle at your own pace in an open space, or meet someone new every 7 minutes at the Introduction Tables.

3 pm to 3:30 pm: Presentation(s) by guest speaker(s). 

– 3:30 pm to 5 pm: Mingling and networking continues, as usual.

– 5 pm: The event ends, and guests exit the venue. 

– Connect after the event with the app: The guest list will close 24 hours after the event, and guests will no longer be able to access the guest information. However, premium app users do not have this limitation. 

You are automatically registered as a member of the community after you attend an in-person event. Our event tickets are usually free / pay-what-you-want, or inexpensive. The value of each free ticket ranges from $20 to $50. The price of paid tickets can vary based on venue & security requirements, etc.

From Maria, the Christian SPEED Founder:

After studying business and working in the meetings & events industry for several years, I decided to launch my own start-up in 2019 called Meeting People. My Canadian small business helps professionals meet the right people – through corporate meeting management, creative event production, webinars, and coaching services. As I reflected on all of the years I had spent serving large corporations, I came to the conclusion that I should apply my skills to serve God in some way. So I prayed about it, asked for guidance, and started brainstorming ideas to solve problems through events. That’s when the idea of the Christian SPEED Community came to mind… I could produce social events to address the dating challenges so many busy Christian singles face today.

The Christian SPEED Community’s social networking meetups are a simple way to quickly meet several Christian singles from various churches face-to-face. Members are encouraged to help each other, learn from each other, and connect in different ways (i.e. go on a date, or make a new friend, or connect professionally, or find a mentor or mentee, or match someone with a friend of yours). As a busy professional, it can be difficult to meet new people outside of church and work, so why not make it easier to introduce yourself to new people? If you’re also an introvert, like many others, going to an event is a good opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and develop your social skills. Once you’re comfortable talking to strangers in the Christian community, it will be easier to share the gospel with nonbelievers. And how about the people in our community who are struggling, or need a job? We can help each other up, so our community will be stronger, and better able to help others in the future.

No. Our services and events are designed to complement church services. Our guest speakers (including some church leaders) share different perspectives and tips to build better relationships, and encourage discussion. We also celebrate the many talented individuals in our community, from different backgrounds, fields, and generations.


Upcoming Christian SPEED Events
Happy Christian Speed Dating Couple at Event Having Coffee



Ages: 21 to 45. For local Christian singles.

Venue: To be confirmed.

Young Couple at Cafe 10 to 30



Ages: 21 to 45. For local Christian singles.

Venue: To be confirmed.

Smiling Young Christian Singles at Speed Dating Event at Coffee Shop



Ages: 21 to 45. For local Christian singles.

Venue: To be confirmed.

Happy Couple on a Date



Ages: 21 to 45. For local Christian singles.

Venue: To be confirmed.

Toronto Couple Dating at Cafe 26 to 42 Years Old



Ages: 21 to 45. For local Christian singles.

Venue: To be confirmed.

More events are coming soon

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